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Crocuses - Cambridge, MA
Holly Berries In Snow - Sudbury, MA
Magnolia Blossom - Sudbury, MA
Fern Patterns - Concord, MA
Swamp Pink - Framingham, MA
Purple Coneflower - Framingham, MA
Pansies - Cambridge, MA
Crocuses - Cambridge, MA
Magnolia - Sudbury, MA
Magnolia - Sudbury, MA
Pitcher Plants - Framingham, MA
"Flowers For A Dead Mushroom" - Concord, MA
Fragrant Water Lily - Medfield, MA
Nature's Coil Spring - Wayland, MA
"Sickener" (Russula emetica) - Natick, MA
October Milkweed - Princeton, MA
Lilypad Patterns - Lincoln, MA
Michigan Lily - Framingham, MA
Water Lilies - Medfield, MA
Buttercups - Eastham, MA
White Asters - Hopkinton, MA
Goldenrod at the Gristmill - Sudbury, MA
Amanita Virosa Cap - Hopkinton, MA
Daylily "Happy Returns"
Spring Buds in the Marsh
Chicory by the Blackstone
Butterfly Weed.
Spring Squill
Peony "Buckeye Belle"
Serious Gardening Tool
Evening Primrose - Blackstone Canal
Goldenrod in Fence
Hot Peppers
Winter Squash
Spring Profusion
Nakedstem - Capitol Reef Natl. Park
Birdcage Evening Primrose - Zion National Park
Common Paintbrush - Zion National Park
Cottonwood Bark
White Dogwood and Azalea
Skunk Cabbage - Assabet River NWR